"Calvin" is a 15.3 hand Red Dunn, Appendix Quarter horse. He is owned by Alyssa and Andrea (Andi) Nilson. Although his exact age is unknown, he is in his early 20’s. They bought him from LBEC 8 years ago and was Alyssa's favorite schooling horse there. Calvin is such a joy and his popularity has continued. He is a favorite of many of the riders here. He has the world's smoothest canter (his trot is incredibly bouncy but his canter more than makes up for it) and is most happy when he is working. He is honest to fences and tries hard all the time. He enjoys his horse friends and can sometimes be a worrywart when he is separated from them. Calvin is very affectionate, mild-mannered, and smart. He is a very quick learner and can be crafty.

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