Lucky, registered name "A Classy Fistful", is a 25 year old QH. Fourteen years ago, I got her as a rescue. The pony she was turned out with starved to death. Ironically the man had name her moose, and she was anything but large, she was all skin and bones. The vet didn't think she would survive. Lucky not only survived but thrived. She is ½ leased by Sherri. She is a great lesson horse but prefers not to show. She gets nervous around horses she doesn't know. Lucky’s favorite job is to be a walk/trot horse for beginners. She is very carefully with her riders, especially the younger ones and stops if they get off balance. She has a kind and gentle nature. She even puts up with kids vaulting (gymnastic on horseback) Her best friend is Ruby. The two are rarely more than inches apart when they are out together.

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