Bit By Bit in the news:

Year end Results for 2022 from CDCTA.

Bit by Bit horses and riders. It was another successful year!
Lead Line Award- Kira Olsson/Darby
Cameron Bartsch/Sunny
Introductory- Adult Amateur
Champion- Emma Chateauneuf & Danika: 68.000%
Introductory- Junior
Champion- Kassidi Murzyn & Walla Walla Rooster: 66.667%
Reserve Champion- Milenko Miltenberger & Walla Walla Rooster: 63.229%
Third- Gianna Graves & Lucky Chips T Gamble: 61.750%
Fourth- Sofia Williams & Rockwood Genoa Gal: 59.375%
Training Level- Open
Reserve Champion- Carlie Poworznek & Victorious: 68.735%
Training Level- Adult Amateur Third- Kimberly Bienkowski & Victorious: 66.667%
Training Level- Junior Champion- Gabriella Herman & Good Boy Scout: 67.611%
Western Dressage Basic- Adult Amateur Reserve Champion- Thomas Rogers & Zee Couldn't Resist: 69.359%
Pre-Elementary- Adult Amateur Champion- Emma Chateauneuf & Danika- 21 points
Pre-Elementary- Junior Champion- Emily Kilmer & Zee Couldn't Resist- 19 points
Reserve Champion- Sydney Goulding & Inspired Design- 17 points
Third- Grace Keane & Darby the Wonder Pony- 14 points
Fourth- Jaelyn LeAnna & Rockwood Genoa Gal- 12 points
Fifth- Delaney Nelson & Shez Only a Zippo- 11 points
Advanced Elementary- Open Champion- Carlie Poworoznek & Danika- 21 points Advanced Elementary- Junior Champion- Gianna Graves & Lucky Chips T Gamble- 17 points

Ayer Mt Cross country Derby 2022
Champion Division- derby series Adult grasshopper Angelica
2nd in today Derby
Champion Division- Derby series Elementary adult-Emma
2nd place in derby today
Champion Division of series- Elementary jr-Phina
2place in derby today
Reserve Champion of series Elementary year end-Gigi
3rd in derby today
Sydney -first in derby today elementary jr
Reserve champion of series- grasshopper jr- Jaelyn
3rd place in derby
4th in Grasshopper -jr Grace

Tri-State Tristate Horsemen's Association (TSHA) 2022
Congratulations Bit by Bit horses and riders!!!!! A combined 22 year end awards! Dressage into jr
Syd/Tux Champion
Kassidi/Pumpkin 4th
Gigi/Parker 5th
Milanko/Pumpkin 6th
Dressage into AA
Emma/Jo Champion
Training Level -Jr
Gabby/Scout Champion
Training Level AA
Training Level Open
Carlie/Victorious -Champion
First Level open
Carlie- Victorious- Champion
2 phase intro
Jaelyn/Jewels- Champion
Emily/Sunny- Reserve Champion
Angelica/Misty- 3rd
Grace/Darby- 5th
2 phase Elementary
Kim/Victorious- Champion
Sydney/Tux- Reserve Champion
Delaney/Ruby- 3rd
2 phase Beg Novice
Gabby/Scout- Champion
Gigi/Parker-Reserve Champion
Western Basic open
Tom/Sunny- 3rd
Cameron/Darby- Champion

Pony Club year end
Pony Club member of the Year- Emma C
Horse of the Year- Tux
High Score written Test- Taylor M
Highest scoring Dressage test at the C level - Gigi G
Highest Scoring D level- Emma C
Most improved - Syd G
Helping Hands- Carlie C
New Member award- Kaela H
New ratings
D/3 Syd G
D/3 Emma C
D/1 & D/2 Kaela H
C/1 Gigi G

2022 CDCTA Junior & Young Rider Dressage Team
Youth Dressage Festival Results:
Festival Overall Reserve Champion: Sydney Goulding & Inspired Design
Sydney & Inspired Design: Walk/Trot/Canter Division 14-20 y/o: 1st Place Dressage Test: 68.750% Equitation: 82.000% Written Exam: 93%
Emma & Winterhill Joliet: Walk/Trot/Canter Division 14-20 y/o: 4th Place Dressage Test: 66.000% Equitation: 67.800% Written Exam: 92%
Gabriella & Good Boy Scout: Walk/Trot/Canter Division 14-20 y/o: 6th Place Dressage Test: 63.500% Equitation: 69.200% Written Exam: 85%
Gianna & Lucky Chips T Gamble: Walk/Trot/Canter Division 14-20 y/o: 10th Place Dressage Test: 58.250% Equitation: 62.200% Written Exam: 88%
Team Results: 1st Place Division D= 4th out/of 30 Teams

2019 BBB’S Tri-State Horsemans Association year end award winners.

  • Intro Two‐Phase: Skye Gardiner/Justi - Champion, Jaelyn Le Anna/Justi - Reserve Champion, Annika Shah/Roo - 3rd
  • Elementary Two‐Phase: Jaelyn Calicutt/Noel - Champion, Gabby Herman/Sunny - 3rd, Elise Daddio/Rosie - 4th
  • Beginner Novice Two‐Phase: Gianna Graves/Rosie - Champion. Sydney Goulding/Sunny - Reserve Champion. Annika Shah/Justi - 3rd
  • Training level Dressage: Jaelyn Calicutt/Noel - 3rd
  • First Level Dressage: Carlie Poworoznek/Noel - Reserve Champion, Carlie Poworoznek/Justi - 3rd, Carlie Poworoznek/Jo - 4th
  • 2019 2 phase horse of the year: Justi
  • 2019 Highest dressage score for a jr rider: Jaelyn Calicut and Noel!

2019 Connecticut Dressage and Combined Training Association
  • Trainer of the year- Mary Fischer (Tom's speech is below)
  • Intro dressage: Reserve Champ - Sarah Staffian and Rosie
  • First Level - JR: Champion - Olivia Adams and Quito
  • First Level - Adult: 3rd Justi and Carlie Poworoznek, 4th Jo and Carlie Poworoznek, 5th Kim Bienkowski and Jo
  • Dressage Western: Reserve Champ- Tom and Sunny
  • Intro 2 phase: Champ - Skye Gardnier and Justi, Reserve Champ - Jaelyn LeAnna and Justi
  • Pre-elementray - Jr: Champion - Gabby Herman and Sunny
  • Pre- Elementary - Sr: Champion - Angelica Sonnoma and Rosie
  • Elementary: Gigi Graves - Rosie

Pony Club Year end awards 2019. Congratulations!

  • Phina Labella 1 year pc horseshoe, New member award, High score written test, High score d level dressage!
  • Olivia Adams- 9 year horseshoe award, Horse manager of the year award, and helping hands award.
  • Gabby Herman and Gigi Graves 2 year award horse shoe award, Gigi- most improved rider
  • Carlie Poworoznek- Show jumping award, 12 year award.
  • Horse of the year award to Rosie!!!!

BBB has 2 new c-2’s. Congratulations Carlie and Olivia (and Justi and Quito). Testing for 7 hours on horse management, flat, stadium, and cross country. Whoot whoot!

Congratulations to Phina and Rosie!!! Phina has just achieved her D-1 and D-2 her first two pony club ratings!

2019 BBB games teams!!!!! First in Riding -Senior Team (Kim/Misty and Olivia/Jewels!)First overall in division -Jr team (Gigi, Emma, Phina, Jae and Annika - Darby, Justi, Rosie, Misty, and Jwwels)!. And our senior team of Olivia and Kim played flawlessly, winning all but 2 games on Jewels and Misty.

2019 Holiday Parade: Bit by Bit won Best in Motion!!!! Montville Holiday light parade!!!!! Jo, Darby, Justi and Jewels were dressed as reindeers.

Bit By Bit was featured in Connecticut Horse magazine and the Williams School website.

Year End Results for 2017

Year end results from the Dressage and Two-phase Competitions for TSHA 2017
  • Introductory Jr Rider - Shez' Only A Zippo/Gabby Herman 3, Winter Hill Joliet/Emily Cassidy 4
  • Introductory Two Phase - Everythings Rosie/Gianna Graves RES Champ, Whippoorwill Just A Moment/Angelica Sonnema 4, Novel Verse/Jaelyn Callicutt 4
  • Elementary Two Phase - Zee Couldn't Resist/Jillian Zoglio CHAMP, Rex's Show Case/Kimberly Bienkowski RES Champ, Zee Couldn't Resist/Shay Gaboury 3, Whippoorwill Just A Moment/Annika Shah 5, Whippoorwill Just A Moment/Kerri Neville 6
  • Beginner Novice Two Phase - Shez' Only A Zippo/Carlie Poworoznek CHAMP, Everythings Rosie/Hannah Miller 4
  • Introductory Amateur Adult - Winterhill Joliet/Kimberly Bienkowski RES Champ
  • Training Level JR - Quito/Olivia Adams CHAMP
  • First Level Open - Rex's Show Case/Carlie Poworoznek 3, Whippoorwill Just A Moment/Carlie Poworoznek 4
  • Western Dressage - Zee Couldn't Resist/Thomas Rogers RES Champ
CDCTA 2017 Year Ends

    Training Level Dressage JR - Champ Olivia/Quito,
  • Novice 2-phase - 3rd Kim and Apollo
  • Rated Event JR - Champ Carlie and Ruby
  • 2phase - Champ Carlie and Ruby
Pony Club Awards

2017 USPC Nationals in KY

  • Olivia Adams/ Quito – Dressage
  • CarliePoworoznek/Ruby- Eventing
2017 NYUC Regional ChampsTeam Dressage

  • 1st place team - Olivia/Quito and Carlie and Ruby
  • Olivia/Quito – High point individual dressage score
  • Olivia/Quito- high Point musical kur
2017 NYUC Regional Eventing Competition in Kent

  • 2nd place- Carlie/Ruby
SVPC Pony Club Member of the Year - Carlie Poworoznek

CHSA 2017 Year End Awards

  • Ruby/KimBeinkowski training hunters- Champion
  • Ruby/Carlie Poworoznek Low Training Jumpers -Champion
  • Ruby/Gabby Herman  Quarter Horse Pleasure- 5th
  • Apollo/Kim and Carlie - Hunter Pleasure- 7th

Bit By Bit Rocked 2016 - Results are in for 2016

2016 CHSA Year End Awards

  • Reserve Champion Training Hunter 18" - Hannah Miller and Rosie
  • Champion Training Hunters 2'3" Carlie Poworoznek and Ruby
  • Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure - Carlie Poworoznek and Apollo
  • 3rd place Walk/Trot over 11 Equitation - Angelica Sonnema and Apollo
  • 7th place Walk/Trot over 11 Equitation - Skye Gardiner and Rosie
  • Blue ribbon award Walk/Trot Pleasure - Gabby Herman and Rosie
  • Blue ribbon award Walk/Trot Equitation - Adele Chadwick and Ruby
  • Blue ribbon Walk/Trot award Equitation - Gigi Graves and Rosie/Ruby
  • 3rd place Walk/Trot over 11 Pleasure - Angelica Sonnema and Apollo
  • 5th place Walk/Trot over 11 Pleasure – Skye Gardiner and Rosie
  • 7th place Adult Modified Equitation 2'6" – Kim Bienkowski and Rosie
  • 3rd place Quarter horse hunter under saddle - Carlie Poworoznek and Ruby
  • 3rd place Long stirrup Equitation - Jill Zoglio and Rosie
2016 TSHA Year End Dressage and 2 phase awards

  • TSHA 2 Phase Champion horse of the Year - Everythiing’s Rosie, "Rosie"
  • Champion - 2 phase Intro, 18"- Elise Daddio and Rosie
  • Reserve Champion - 2 phase intro, 18" - Shay Gaboury and Sunny
  • 3rd place - 2 phase intro, 18" Annika Shaw and Justi
  • Champion - 2 phase elementary, 2' Hannah Miller - Rosie - Champion
  • Reserve Champion - 2 phase Elementary 2' - Jill Zoglio and Rosie
  • 4th place - 2 phase Elementary 2' - Emma Hargreaves and Justi
  • 6th place - 2 phase Elementary 2' - Kerri Ann Neville and Justi
  • Champion - 2 phase beg novice, 2'3" Sam Rogers and Lucy
  • 3rd place - Dressage into Jr - Olivia Adams and Quito
  • 3rd place - Dressage - Intro Adult - Kimbery Beinkowski and WInterhills Joliette
  • 3rd place - Western Basic Dressage - Tom Rogers and Sunny
  • 3rd place - Training level open - Melissa Rogers and Sunny
  • 3rd place - leadline dressage - Aubrey Meikle
2016 SVPC Awards

  • Pony Club horse of the Year - She'z only a Zippo "Ruby"
  • Pony Club Member of the Year - Olivia Adams
  • Sportsmanship - Carlie Poworoznek
  • Nationals - Show Jumping - Carlie Poworoznek
Other 2016 awards

  • Janie Davidson - Youth Volunteer Award - Olivia Adams
  • High Score Musical Kur - Carlie and Apollo
  • NYUC High score dressage - Carlie and Apollo
  • NYUC Regionals - Low Score show Jumping – Carlie and She'z only a zippo
  • Horse Management 1st2place National show jumping- Carlie and teammates
  • Horse Management 1st place - NYUC regionals - Carlie and teammates

  • Pony Club Quiz article from the Pedlar.
  • CHSA Banquet article from the Pedlar.

2011 Year End Awards are in now - WOW! We were busy and what awesome results! Go Bit BY Bit!!!!!! The list is long, you may even have to scroll down to see all the awards. Congratulations riders!!!!

Tri-State Horsemans Association - 2011

  • Rosie - Best two-phase horse of the year
  • Carlie - tied herself for Champion in the 2’ division on Rosie and Darby
  • Jess - Reserve Champ in the 2’6” division on Gil
  • Melissa R - Reserve Champ on Sunny in the 2’3”, and 3rd on Rosie
  • Alexandra - 3rd on Darby in 2’ division
  • Michelle - Reserve champ on Rosie in 2’ division
  • Olivia A - 6th in intro dressage on Darby
  • Taylor - 5th and 6th on sunny and Darby in the 18”
  • Kim - 4th on Gil in 18” two-phase

CHSA- Connecticut Horse Show Association - 2011

  • Michaela - Blue Ribbon Award, Lead Line
  • Olivia A – Blue Ribbon Award w/t
  • Hannah M – Light Blue award w/t
  • Quinn- 3rd – over 11 w/t
  • Gil - 3rd- over 11w/t pleasure
  • Darby - light blue ribbon w/t, 5th Pony Pleasure
  • Rosie - Blue ribbon w/t pleasure ,3rd long stirrup hunter, 4th Short stirrup hunter, 7th CHSA Pleasure, 8th JEP
  • Sunny - 5th Quarter Horse P
  • leasure
  • Gil - 5th Adult Eng Pleasure
  • Melissa R - 3rd Long stirrup Eq
  • Carlie - 7th Short Stirrup Eq

Shetucket Valley Pony Club - 2011

  • Darby - Pony of the Year
  • Carlie - Most Improved Rider, Perfect Score on a written test
  • Corrina - New member Award
  • BBB recognized for all their volunteers for fence judging

Blue Ribbon Ventures Hoof Print year End - 2011

  • Darby - 3rd x-rail hunter
  • Rosie - Champion x-rail hunter, 3rd pleasure horse
  • Carlie - reserve champ equitation

2011 Montivlle Holiday light Parade

  • Bit By Bit - 2nd place, best business float

United States Pony Club Championship in KY in July 2011

  • Carlie P – 1st place, horse knowledge quiz team (out of 40 national teams, 160 kids in the division)

Older News:

Bit By Bit's own Melissa B. was recently featured in the Norwich Bulletin.

The results of the art show are in from the first annual Dec 2010 Bit By Bit Art Contest. The judging was very close as all the artwork was amazing.

In the 11 and under category:

  • 3rd place tie- Ashley Miller and Michaela Dunn
  • 2nd place - Hana Aksterowicz
  • 1st place - Olivia Adams
12 and over:

  • Honorable mention - Corrina Mc Kelvey, Mellissa Billings
  • 3rd place - Alexandra Aksterowicz
  • 2nd place - Rachael McGregor
  • 1st place- Michelle Hanerfeld
Our CHSA (Connecticut Horse Show Association) 2010 Winners:
  • Jess Gross/Nemo - Champion in the Modified Adult jumping division
  • Melissa Rogers/Sunny - 5th place Quarter Horse Under Saddle & 8th CHSA Pleasure
  • Hannah Miller - Leadline. Blue Ribbon Winner
  • Michaela Dunn - Leadline, Blue ribbon winner
  • Olivia Adams - Walk/Trot Equitation, Light Blue Ribbon Winner
  • Carlie Poworoznek- Short Stirrup Equitation 5th place, with Nemo - Short Stirrup Hunter 5th place, with Darby 8th - Pony pleasure
  • Corrina McKelevy - 5th in over 11 w/t Eq
  • Taylor Voels - 4th in over 11 w/t Eq
  • Kim Bienkowski - 6th in over 11 w/t eq
Congrats to our horses:
  • Nemo - 3rd in over 11 w/t pleasure, 6th Jr English pleasure, 6th CHSA
  • Sunny - 5th in over 11 w/t pleasure, light blue award in w/t pleasure under 11
Montville Holiday Parade - 12/5/10 Bit By Bit Stable gets 3rd place in the most creative category. 4 decoarted horses, a decorated truck and trailer and 20 decorated marchers - what fun!!!

Melissa was featured in the Ledyard High School paper. Click here to read the article.

Once Again our little barn rocks

2009 SHOW Titles

  • CHSA Year End Awards:
    • Leadline:
           Olivia Adams - Blue Ribbon Award
           Hannah Miller - Blue Ribbon Award
    • Walk/Trot:
           Light Blue Ribbon - Racheal Mac Gregor
    • Pleasure w/t:
           Light Blue - Rosie
           Light Blue - Sunny
    • Hunter Pleasure:
           3rd - Nemo
  • TSHA YEAR END- Dressage and Jumping:
    • Intro 2-phase:
           Alexandra Aksterowicz - Sunny - Reserve Champ
           Carlie Poworoznek - Giligan- 4th Place
    • Elementary 2-phase:
           Melissa Rogers - Sunny - Champion
           Julia Driscoll - Giligan - 5th Novice 2-phase
           Jessica Gross - Gilligan - 4th
    • Dressage - Training Level:
           Jessica Gross - Giligan - 4th
  • Finals - CHSA:
    • Hunter Pleasure:
           Nemo - Jessica Gross 5th place Junior English Pleasure
           Nemo - Carlie Poworoznek - 8th place CHSA Pleasure
           Nemo - Audrey Spina - 4th place
    • LeadLine:
           Rosie- Olivia Adams - 1st place

Jess was featured in the November, 2009 Horseman's Yankee Pedlar for winning a CHSA scholarship. Read the article here.

Bit By Bit's very own Kellie was featured recently in the New London Day, click here to read the article.

Some other news items; some old, some new.

2007 CHSA Finals - September 7th

Older news:

First I want to congratulate Jessica Gross who was CHSA sportsman of the year. Yippee! Our little barn had a great year, bringing home 15 year end awards with the Connecticut Horse Show Association. What a fun banquet. Congratulations to all...

Carlie Poworoznek Blue Ribbon Award - Walk/Trot
Rachael MacGregor Merit Award - Walk/Trot
Rachel Pratt Merit Award - Walk/Trot
Kathy Gross Long Stirrup - 3rd Place
Intro Dressage - Reserve Champ
Jessica Gross English Trail - Champ
Training Level Dressage - Reserve Champ
CHSA Sportsman of the Year
Mary First Level Dressage - Reserve Champ
Gilligan Walk/Trot Pleasure - Blue Ribbon Award
Ricky Walk/Trot Merit Award
Hunter Pleasure - 7th Place
Adult English - 4th Place
Rosie Walk/Trot Pleasure - Blue Ribbon Award

Pictures from the awards ceremony are in the photo gallery. The CHSA website has some photos, and Mary's speech about Jess is shown below.