Joilet is a Registered 7 year old Percheron Mare that was born and bred in Glastonbury CT. We got her in the fall of 2013. She has such a personality. This large horse, 16.2 and solid, is a love bug. She can’t get enough of people or other horses. She will follow me around the pasture in hopes of a pat or a rub on the face. She is very willing and a good mover- light on her feet for a draft horse. She hadn’t jumped before we got her but she seems to like it (however she will only jump if the obstacle is high enough and solid). We have hunter paced and trail ridden her this year. She is good on the trailer (I was originally worried that she might not fit in the trailer but she fits fine). Jo has competed in Dressage competitions and has won year end awards in many divisions. She is also our barns vaulting horse and allows riders to do gymnastics on her.