Zoe AKA "Darn your socks" is a 6 year old TB ex-racehorse that proudly belongs to Jessica. She was bred in KY on Jess's uncle's farm. She began her life as a racehorse. Although very fast, she didn't appear to love racing. Jess's uncle recognized her beautiful movement and talent so thought she would be more suited to being a hunter. She is 16.2 and still growing so she is going to be a big girl. She arrived at Bit by Bit in November, 2011 (only 2 years old at the time). Jess has begun to retrain her and Zoe seems to know the difference between when it is time to work and time to play. Zoe has already shown in and won long stirrup classes, pleasure classes, and hunter classes. She also showed in dressage and jumping winning 2-phase horse of the year from TSHA for 2013.